October Meeting 1

October meeting 1 - on Friendship

  • Prayer

  • Share highs and lows

  • Serve tea

  • Quote to reflect on and the Jesus Prayer -

  • “The practice of the Jesus Prayer is simple. Stand before the Lord with the attention in the heart, and call to Him: ‘Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me!’ The essential part of this is not in the words, but in faith, contrition, and self-surrender to the Lord. With these feelings one can stand before the Lord even without any words, and it will still be prayer.” - Bishop Kallistos Ware

  • Friendship- Aristotle explains three kinds of friendship that I think are helpful for us to reflect on. Here is a brief summary of what Aristotle said in Nicomachean Ethics:

  • There are three kinds of friendship. The first is friendship based on utility, where both people derive some benefit from each other. The second is friendship based on pleasure, where both people are drawn to the other’s wit, good looks, or other pleasant qualities. The third is friendship based on goodness, where both people admire the other’s goodness and help one another strive for goodness. The first two kinds of friendship are only accidental, because in these cases friends are motivated by their own utility and pleasure, not by anything essential to the nature of the friend. Both of these kinds of friendship are short-lived because one’s needs and pleasures are apt to change over time.\ Goodness is an enduring quality, so friendships based on goodness tend to be long lasting. This friendship encompasses the other two, as good friends are useful to one another and please one another. Such friendship is rare and takes time to develop, but it is the best.

  • Let’s reflect on these three kinds of friendship. (encourage them to use their journals)

  • Who can summarize what the first kind of friendship is?

  • Who can summarize the second kind?

  • Who can summarize the third?

  • Do they overlap? If so, how?

  • Think back to your childhood. Can you think of a friendship that was a lot like this first kind of friend or the second kind?

  • Now, do you have any friends in the third category? How are they like the third kind of friend?

  • Finish with them writing some reflections down in their journals and praying together.