Ministry Overview

This sample curriculum is based on a bimonthly meeting following the school calendar and Liturgical cycle.

We meet twice a month on a Sunday night in the home of one of the leaders. The timing will differ for each parish according to availability.

A weekly meeting or twice a month meeting allows for rich mentoring to take place. We meet for an hour and a half which is a perfect amount of time for a small group of about 4-8 girls plus two leaders. The girls span from 7th grade to 12th grade.


Consider gifting the girls with a thin journal that they can write in while at Girls Group. This allows for a record to be kept of the ideas discussed as well as an opportunity for them to write down their personal reflections.


Sit in a circle in a family room or study and be sure to stand for prayer and have an icon present to pray in front of.*


  1. Prayer. We began singing a prayer which is usually the Trisagion. Sometimes we modify it to relate to the liturgical cycle we are in at that specific time.

  2. “Highs and Lows.” We have found it connecting and fruitful to opening each meeting with sharing. Each person shares something positive about her week and something negative. This brings us closer together and helps us understand what their weekly struggles and blessings are. Also, they really want to feel known and directed in navigating life’s day-to-day rigor. This time allows for that kind of connection.

  3. Tea. We drink tea together. The tea is served by one of the girls and they rotate each week who practices serving. We began with instructions on how tea is served and some of the norms that go along with hostessing. This becomes a habit within a few weeks.

  4. Contemplation. We contemplate a quotation from the Fathers and sit in silence praying the Jesus Prayer. This lasts for about 3-5 minutes. The leader often needs to remind them of the value of this time and how to pray the Jesus Prayer before starting. Remind them what to do with those distracting thoughts.

  5. Discussion. The leaders bring up the topic to be discussed for the night and engage the girls in questions and feedback. It is not a lecture format. The leader simply shares a few points and then asks questions of them and how they can apply it to their lives or what else it makes them think about.

  6. Prayer. We end our time with a hymn to the Theotokos. She truly is our guide into how beautiful being a young adult woman can be. May we emulate her by her holy prayers!


There are four main topics for the Year: Friendship, Beauty, Anger, Prayer

Sample Curriculum

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